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First of all, I would like to tell you a little about my career as a journalist, author and professor. In Brazil, I was an editor of several newspapers and magazines (I graduated in Journalism). I completed Master and PhD in Communication Sciences at the University of São Paulo (USP), where I investigated the limits and possibilities of the biographical narratives. My studies have merged into three distinguished books in the ecosystem of Brazilian journalism, whose titles translated into English would be something like this:

  • “The World Of The Others: 22 Profiles And 1 Essay” (2014, third edition, a collection of biographical texts and an essay entitled “The Art of Profile”)
  • “Biographies & Biographers: Journalism On Real Characters” (2002; deriving from my Master’s degree, it discusses fundamental questions of the biographical activity in the second half of the twentieth century);
  • “Biographism: Reflections on Life Writing (2014, second edition, based on my PhD thesis, in which I deal with the “mentality” of contemporary biographers).

I have also published two novels (both in portuguese also): “The Surface Above Us” (2015) and “Foreigners In The N Train” (1997). “Foreigners” is a realistic-literary narrative on how the illegal Brazilian immmigrants live in New York City and what they think about their conditions. It won the “Jabuti Prize” (1998), the highest national prize in Literature in Brazil.

I was also a co-founder of the Brazilian Academy of Literary Journalism (ABJL, acronym in Portuguese). I taught in the ABJL (and also managed it) from 2005 to 2011, period during which I introduced in the postgraduate course – a Master of Arts in Narrative Journalism – the following disciplines: “Biographical Journalism”, “Memoir” and “Autobiography”.

Between 2011 and 2015, I was a professor of “Journalistic Methods and Techniques” (degree and post-graduation) in the Faculdade Cásper Líbero, one of the Brazil’s most prestigious Journalism School.

In addition, I have written biographical narratives with Narrative Journalism methods and techniques for companies, families and individuals interested in reconstructing their memories. In this line of work, I launched two biographical books: “Doctor Challenge” (2011), the story of Luiz Garcia, an irreverent and hick entrepreneur from the West of Brazil who became an important player in the telecommunicatiom and agribusiness sectors; and “Ivens Dias Branco” (2013), the founder and president of M. Dias Branco S/A, a major Brazilian producer in food sector. Second edition of “Ivens” is on the way (Ivens died on June 2016).

Speaking instead of my interests, I like reading, although in recent years the time for reading is been very little. The reading of novels, which I have always liked most, is unfortunately reduced. I consider myself a fan of cinema. I also love TV series and music (above all: classical, jazz, soul, rhythm & blues, and Bossa Nova). Psychologically speaking, I consider myself a reserved and introspective man, but witty and with a good sense of humour.

PS: This website has been recently remodeled for two reasons: 1) make easier for the Brazilian students to research its collection of texts on Journalism/Literature and Narratives (fiction and nonfiction). 2) To reactivate one of my favorite “hobbies”: short personal essays on Behavior, in order to rethink (some of my) attitudes. I write essays on Repensando Atitudes [Rethinking Attitudes], website I have designed and edit.

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